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[Embassy Track]
Korean government invites 125 international students from 67 countries who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree in Korea. To be selected as a GKS grantee, any applicant should successfully pass through the 1st selection process set by the Korean Embassy of his or her country of origin.


[University Track]
Korean government invites 60 international students from 72 countries who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree(Engineering or Nature Science majors) and also 35 international students from 17 countries who wish to pursue an associate degree in Korea. To be selected as a GKS grantee, any applicant should successfully pass through the 1st selection process set by the designated universities.

Attention! The Regional University Track applicants can only apply for a major that is considered as Natural Science, Technology and Engineering field. please refer to the attached files(available departments).

Application Period(KNU) : September 8th ~ November 6th 2020.


[Embassy Track and University Track]
Please contact the 1st selection organizations(embassy or university) to get detailed information regarding the application submission such as application deadline, required documents, interview and etc. Application submission deadline may differ by each embassy or university that conducts the first round of selection; however, it is expected to be around late September or early October.

As for the application guidelines, please refer to the attached files.


Please contac tht coordinator below for more information.

International Office / Pyunghwa Lee(Ms.) / phlee@kongju.ac.kr / +82-41-850-0862

Wish you all the best!

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